yoke for balanced lug

I have spent a little bit searching the forum and I am sure someone has posted this before, but here it goes.

I went for the first sail in my skerry the other day. (it was awesome by the way, no pictures though) and I noticed a few things some of which I have already posted.

One thing I wonder about is that the lug spars seemed to keep banging against the mast. I wonder if I am losing a lot of efficiency in this set up.

I tried to get the halyard and downhaul tight but there was always some amount of play.

I have seen the French boats with yokes and also wonder if it would be useful to lash the boom against the mast. Am I overthinking it? appreciate your insights.

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RE: yoke for balanced lug

By all means!

Yes it's worthwhile adding some means to keep boom & spar in close proximity to the mast they're hung on. Just ensure whatever means you deploy makes dumping the rig both easy and safe when necessary.

Michael Storer's got a lot to say about rigging balanced lugs on his websites. I found the one focused on the Oz Goose very informative when I went looking for details lacking in the manual provided with my Waterlust expedition canoe kit. Fitting out is pretty much left to the builder, it being one of the Pro Series offered by CLC. Assumption being I suppose that a Pro knows what they're about....

You may also want to look into adding leather chafing protection to your spars where they come in contact with one another. Done in a manner similar to what gets fitted to oars it's a practical pastime that aids in reducing future maintenance time.

Post pics as you accumulate some you wish to share please!

RE: yoke for balanced lug

Thanks SP!

I'll take a look at those sites, there is a bunch of articles! I'll report back on the effectiveness of the square lashing method once I get her out again. (I am still awaiting my trailer to haul her around, rented a uhaul trailer just so I could sail her!)

The leather seems like a great idea, I had a lot of parachord and did a wrap where they touch, but leather would be a better long term option for sure.

I will probably leather the mast at the contact points with the haul, this is where wear looks to already be an issue!

RE: yoke for balanced lug

   You have to hoist the sail fully with the halyard, then tension the downhaul really hard.  In my opinion, the stock rigging, of just a single downhaul part going to the cleat on the mast, doesn't give enough mechanical advantage.  I rerigged mine using a small bullet block w/ becket on the boom, and a bullet block on a small pennant tied through the center of the cleat, so the downhaul goes from the becket on the boom, down through the bullet block, back up and through the block on the boom, then back to the cleat.  That gives me a 3 part haul to tension the luff.  And I leathered the mast down there to protect from the boom and blocks rubbing, as well as a leather at the top to protect agains the upper yard.

I do have trouble with the yard falling off from the mast when on starboard tack w/ a reef, because the halyard is well down from the masthead, and when dousing sail, so I'm using a loop of line just crossed diagonally around the yard and mast and tied loosely.  I need to make a parrel loop at some point.  That keeps the yard from falling off.  Properly tensioned, I never have much problem with the boom, though.

RE: yoke for balanced lug

 A 3 part downhaul is just right for a Skerry.

Nylon dog collars with side release buckles make great parrels. Seriously. Some accomplished sailors use them.

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