skeg / bottom protection

Hello forum,
my dinghy will see quite a bit of dragging on and off sandy shore and I am wondering what I should do to protect the bottom and the skeg a bit more. 
Fiberglass, aluminium, stainless, graphite?
What are the other folks using?





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RE: skeg / bottom protection

I doubled up the fiberglass on my Skerry hull and added brass rubrails material to bow and skeg with bronze screws

RE: skeg / bottom protection

   I had similar thoughts about the skeg on my Peapod.  I encapsulated the skeg in a layer of glass cloth which also helped reinforce the fillet.


RE: skeg / bottom protection

   Yes...supporting the skeg and fillet makes this a really strong part of the hull. I added the wormshoe on top of this in case I need to replace it, but that is unlikely.

RE: skeg / bottom protection

Ok, I think I figured out the pictures this time...hope it works.   

Glassing the skeg

brass rubrail over epoxied and varnished wormshoe

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