CLC vs. Tornado

This was the view of West Street on Thursday after the Hurricane Ida-spawned tornado moved though parts of Annapolis on Wednesday afternoon (image from Capital Gazette). CLC is 1/2 mile behind and to the left. I was never so happy to see the Shopcam up and running as I was yesterday.



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RE: CLC vs. Tornado

Well, we are glad to hear that you are up and running, Laszlo!  Hope everybody else there is okay.

Mind how you go amongst the downed power lines....


RE: CLC vs. Tornado

Appreciate the thought, Michael, but I'm over 20 miles away so we never even had the lights blink. I also received an e-mail from my marina that my Faering Cruiser is safe. I'll be heading over to inspect it in a day or 2. Until then I'm keeping out of the way of the emergency workers. People need power and services a lot more than I need to see my boat.



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