Epoxy spider cracks

I purchase a CLC kit a few years ago. A few months later I completed the boat. After about a year the initial base coat of epoxy started to develop tiny spider crack. Another later and it has spread to about 80% of the kayak. Any insight to what might have caused this?

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RE: Epoxy spider cracks

Hi Profman, 

is there anyway you could post some pictures?  spider cracking is relatively rare in epoxy boat building so we might be able to zero in on it with a picture as we could see exactly what you mean.

usually spider cracking is a result of flexing of the epoxy (or other matrix) when it is applied so thick that it cannot flex without cracking..   most of the time we think of spider cracks with gellcoat/glass construction on boats around stantions, winches, cleats....and other hi stress area.

in a CLC kayak, i would think this could be more of a problem with the epoxy itself.  is this actually the epoxy you are seeing it in or was the boat painted and you are seeing cracks in the paint?

again, a picture would be the best way to get to the bottom of this.


RE: Epoxy spider cracks

   How has the kayak been stored? You put Varnish on it I assume? Are you sure it's the epoxy and not the varnish cracking?  If it's in the sun a lot the varnish needs to be sanded and reapplied every so often.

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