Rigging Tenderly for light winds


Built a Tenderly during lockdown and have been using it in the UK for several months now. Whilst it performs pretty good in stable stronger winds (>15kts) the lake that I sail on generally has lighter, more vartiable winds. Can anyone suggest any tweeks that may help performance in lighter winds?

I have tried variations in tightness of downhaul and varied the tension on the outhaul but not with any significant success. I am considering trying with a completely loose foot on the boom but worried that this may put different strains on the boom that may lead to failure if the wind picks up or gusts.

Any thoughts / advise would be much appreciated.

As an aside does anyone have any video footage of a Tenderly being capsized and righted. I have yet to do this and I am worried that it will be difficult to right and more concerned that I wont be able to get back on board :) I will give it a go in light conditins soon but a video would help prepare me for the event:)

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