Best recipe for fillet mix

I have been building a ultralight eastport pram and been working on fillets.  I started with some woodzilla premixed thickened epoxy with work great, and was nice and smooth.  When I ran out and need to do larger fillets on bow and stern transom I used mas epoxy thickened with just wood floor mixed to peanut butter thickness.  It was very course and rough and did not tool well at all.  Is there other addittives to add for better fillet tooling and smoothness?


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RE: Best recipe for fillet mix

   For smoother fillets, add a scoop or two of Cell-o-fill (or silica) to the epoxy then thicken with wood flour to the desired thickness.  It makes the mixture more like creamy peanut butter and easier to spread.  Once the fillet is in place, lightly brush with a little unthickened epoxy for a very smooth finish.  

RE: Best recipe for fillet mix

   riffing on what mark said above, cell-o-fill in small amounts is great for this, after a few batches I discovered that just a little bit less than what the manual recommends (thinner) was the best.

I also recommend mixing smaller batches and working slowly.

Lastly, once the fill material was solid but still tacky I put a plain coat of epoxy like mark said above.

RE: Best recipe for fillet mix

Smoothing with a gloved finger wet with denatured alcohol after the fillet has started to set up, but is still somewhat pliable, will help a lot, as well.


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