Deck bending at bow and stern on Chesapeake 17

I'm getting close to putting the decking on my Chessy 17 and was wondering best way to bend the decking at the bow and stern area where the plywood isn't as wide. I did a test fit holding the deck in place using straps at the bulkheads and tried manually bending the bow/stern to little success. Any help would be appreciated. I'm also building from a kit.

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RE: Deck bending at bow and stern on Chesapeake 17

Hi Tcroak, 

i am not sure i get exactly the problem you are describing.....other than at the ends of the chesapeake, there is not much in the way of deck beam to pop the deck into a curve and you are relying on pulling down tightly on the sides  of the deck to get it to conform to the angle cut into the shear clamp which should give a slight arch to the deck all the way out to the ends.

so first, make sure your shear clamps have the curve cut into them.

second, when setting up the deck use fibreglass reinforced strapping tape to pull down the sides of the deck to match the curve of the shear clamp.  you have to pull hard....and try not to break the deck when performing this task.   

i would recommend to do a test fitting as you seem to already have done with the strapping tape as well to rehearse the whole operation prior to gluing and nailing.

a sample of fibreglass reinforced strapping tape is at this link...(not an endorsement....just an example)

hope that helps


RE: Deck bending at bow and stern on Chesapeake 17



Yes, this is what I was wondering. I did a test fit up yesterday and it just seemed like I had to put a lot of pressure on everything to get it to bend even just slightly.

Thanks for the tip on the fiberglass reinforced tape. Will give that a try.

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