Passage Maker daggerboard trunk alignment

Just glued up my daggerboard trunk last night and this morning I noticed that it is not perfectly aligned. How critical is the alignment? If it will adversley effect its sailing? I don't know whether I should cut the slots or leave them sealed.


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RE: Passage Maker daggerboard trunk alignment

Do you mean you installed in the hull and it's misaligned? If so, this would definitly impact tracking.

During my build I found the bottom was misaligned by about a 1/4 inch after I routed the slot in the hull. I ended up using a Dremel Ossilating tool with a flush cut blade to cut the bottom loose so I could align it and reattach. Then had to repair and recut a portion of the slot.


RE: Passage Maker daggerboard trunk alignment

How far off from "perfect" is it?

1/16" is minor unless it's on the diagonals at each end. If it's all to one side I wouldn't fret.

More than that you may want to back up & remedy the offset. Epoxy softens with heat so heat lamp or heat gun might help you carve away what's holding it now so you can reposition more to your liking.

Tacking parts in place until you're satisfied stuff's positioned correctly usually beats going whole-hog with the glue & fillets all at once. And stuff can shift during glue cure too unless braced securely.


RE: Passage Maker daggerboard trunk alignment

 As I recall, that is one of the most complicated pieces of the PMD Puzzle. First you have 4 pieces of the trunk assembly, then you have to epoxy that to the center bulkhead and the seat while keeping them true, then mount it all inside the hull.  Mine was a wee bit off, too and, maybe that's why she can't point any higher than a close reach when on a starboard tack. (kidding, mostly).

If you can see the mis-alignment with the nake eye, take the time to do it over.

Good luck!

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