Anyone else coming? With or without boat?

Just to be clear, tickets are not necessary just pay CBMM admission and festival is included? 

I'll be boatless just observing this time around but here she is for the curious.
Assawoman Bay Fenwick Island DE


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Entry tickets will let you walk around the festival and participate in most events. Stuff like the Saturday night dinner, the morning coffee and donuts, the gunkholing trips, races, camping and swag require a festival registration. I don't know what the deal is with borrowing someone's boat and taking it for a ride (with their permission, of course). I don't know if registration is required for insurance purposes or not.

But in addition to the festival, an entry ticket will let you in to all the museum exhibits.

BTW, very nice boat!




Have a blast, Laszlo!

What is that boat?  It is a beauty.


Thanks Camper, I did (just got home). The weather was spectaculr, te best I remember for MASCF. It was perfect boating weather for the entire event. John's talk was highly entertaining.

That lovely boat is Poopdeck Pappy's extremely well done MC13 with a CLC sailrig.


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