syringe for stitch and glue kayaks


Instead of the CLC supplied 10cc medical syringe, for my latest stitch and glue kayak build I used a 12 cc curved tip dental irrigating syringe.  The medical 10cc syringe has a blunt rigid tip that makes getting thickened epoxy into the bow, stern and bulkhead joints difficult and messy.  The curved dental syringe tip is long, and tapered.  You cut the tip with scissors to whatever length/size/flow rate you want.  Instead of dripping the epoxy into the joints, you inject the epoxy directly into the joint, so no drips. Amazon sells these syringes for about 80 cents each.



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RE: syringe for stitch and glue kayaks

Dang!  Who knew there was such a thing?  Mother said I'd learn something new every day if I just paid attention to people smarter'n me....  <;-)


RE: syringe for stitch and glue kayaks

   Bill is absolutely right with this advice, I've used them in my two builds and they worked better. 

I'm a Dentist by profession, so I had access and knowledge of these, was unaware they were so readily accessible to the public. Of course I should have thought they were as you can practically buy anything on Amozon. In fact I need to check, I might be able to get these cheaper online then through my Dental supplier.

RE: syringe for stitch and glue kayaks

I guess I need to read the forum more often.  :-)

Just "tack welded" my wood duckling yesterday and found that gravity and the supplied syringes made for a relatively messy result.  These dental syinges seem like an ideal tool to get a thin bead in the desired location without having to blast the epoxy out to fight gravity.

Great tip, Bill - thanks!

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