ultralight eastport pram rails

I am building a ultralight eastport pram dingy and have cut the rails out of mahogany.  There are 2 rails 1/2" thick that get laminated along top of boat.  They rails seem stiff and dont want to easily bend to floow the top shape that curves in both vertical and horizontal.  Would steaming these help make them bend easier or is there another trick?  The seem on the verge of cracking when i just bend them around side of boat and dont bend them in vertical direction to match shape along top.


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RE: ultralight eastport pram rails

   Try a heat gun.  Clamp/tape one end to the boat (no glue) and apply pressure while heating and gradually moving forward, adding more clamps/tape as you go.  You can feel it when the wood gives, but don't hold the gun one place too long or you will burn the wood.  Once the wood cools, it will hold the shape so you can unclamp and glue.

RE: ultralight eastport pram rails

   Do you apply any water to rail first?

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