Opinions on Petit Easy Epoxy and Performance Enhancer?



Has anyone had any experience with Easy Epoxy and their Performance Enhancer?  Also, I've seen some videos lately where guys simply roll (without tipping) varnish and paint with great results.  Has anyone here tried it?  



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RE: Opinions on Petit Easy Epoxy and Performance Enhancer?

   I painted my Peeler skiff three years ago with EZpoxy.  I used the performance enhancer on the topsides and painted the interior without.  I cant remember the numberh of coats but it was at least two most likely three.  I've used many Pettit products over the years and always found them to be good quality.  Also a US owned company if that matters.  The initial finish using the performace enhancer was very glossy but strangely enough the interior finish without the enhancer has remained slightly more glossy.  Even more interesting as the seats have direct sunlight almost all the time.  But the hull is dark blue and the interior is hatteras white so that has a lot to do with it as dark colors seem to deteriorate faster. I dont think I would use the enhancer again.  I rolled and tipped the paint inside a garage with fairly warm and humind Maryland weather.  Without tipping the finish would have orange peel for sure.  

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