Spacered Inwale Help Needed

Hi everyone.

Regarding the installation of spacered inwales, specifically for the Northeastern Dory, Lug rig version, but applicable to all boats. The rails themselves are supplied in the kits are mahogany 1/2" x 3/4" in 3 pieces lengthwise with a scarf? joint, that need to be glued / epoxy together. 

There are no obvious instructions regardin this step included with the kit, so I have a few questions. What type of glue should be used at scarf joints. 1. Wood glue. 2. Plain epoxy. 3. Epoxy with wood flour or 4. Epoxy with Cell o fill. After that, I assume coat both faces of the scarfs and clamp it together and try to keep it straight so it doesnt offset?

Then when its time to attach the rails to the boat, does the orientation of the scarfs matter? The middle piece is shapped like an Isosceles Trapezoid, should the narrow end of this be towards the hull, or towards the interior of the boat. 

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RE: Spacered Inwale Help Needed


I did the kit option for the Skerry. I would contact CLC and see if the instructions can be sent along, It came as a separate set with my skerry.

For the scarf joints, I used epoxy with cell-o-fil. I can't recall the instructions specifics, but I had it to where it would just about run, stiff enough to stay in place, but liquid enough to move easily. I also put wax paper on it before clamping. clamps with good pressure but not so much that the epoxy is completely squeezed out.

In a previous project I put just epoxy on, this was not a great idea as the epoxy moved out of the joint to easily when clamped. I suppose you could use wood infill but there would be a more noticeable line demarking the joint.

RE: Spacered Inwale Help Needed

   1) Use Epoxy with Cell-o-Fill just as dmdidad describes above. Try to clean up all of the squeezed-put epoxy from the joint.

2) When dry (24 hours) sand with 120 paper any excess epoxy

3) The shape should be rectangular, not trapezoidal. I believe the 3/4" side is glued to the boat, but check with CLC for specifics.

RE: Spacered Inwale Help Needed

  Dmiddad, Jose,


Thank you for the answer to part one.

Hopefully this upload works and explains the situation.


[URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL] [URL=]upload[/URL]





RE: Spacered Inwale Help Needed

   I got it working! 

RE: Spacered Inwale Help Needed

   Hey Everyone,

To follow up on this. I spoke to the CLC technical team. Per my conversation with them, the direction of the scarf joint doesnt matter in this case, both are plenty strong. It looks like I was overthinking it.

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