Protection over paint???

I'm on the finishing details of my first build - a Wood Duck 12 - and am about to varnish the deck after painting the hull.  So far I'm not thrilled with the Interlux Brightside paint that I used.  It looks good but doesn't seem as hard as I would expect it to be.  Its not soft, but it seems like it is easy to scratch.  Since this is a Kayak, I expect to make contact with the ground from time to time and would like to protect the paint if possible.   

Is there something that you can put over the final coat of paint to give it a little more protection?  I wasn't planning on making this a show piece, but would love. little more durability.




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RE: Protection over paint???

   If you used a high build type primer under the paint, the finish surface as a whole will always be a little bit on the "soft" side - able to be scratched.

If you didn't (and even if you did) wait at least 2 weeks, and hopefully expose the boat to warm dry air and sunshine, and you'll almost surely find that the Brightsides has hardened up to your satisfaction.  There have been several forum discussions on this very subject.

And BTW, only AFTER the varnish and paint on my boats has really cured up hard for about 2 months, I thereafter like to keep it waxed with some good wax, usually heavy on the carnuba. I've pasted below my current favorite - buffs off with a towel pretty easily.  I believe waxing at least 2x per year extends the life of both varnish and paint by delaying oxidation and UV damage, and therefore brittleness and cracking.  You'll hear from others on the forum that believe no wax is best, mostly because there is no need for careful cleaning or sanding prior to repairs or repainting/varnishing.  Valid pros and cons to both schools of thought, but I lean towards extending the life of the finish, and then knowing I'll always have to do good surface prep for any recoating whether or not I've used wax.

Again, just give that Brightsides a couple of weeks.  It probably wouldn't have become such an industry standard if it had any major character flaws.

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RE: Protection over paint???

   Thank you Bubblehead!  I was hoping that was the case.  Its only been 3 days since the last coat so hopefully it will firm up.  I will just have to hold off on that maiden voyage.

BTW - I did use the Interlux primer sold here at CLC, but I sanded it down pretty good.


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