Flush Deck Rigging Fittings

I recently installed the flush mounted deck rigging and I’m super please with the result.  The directions seem to be more focused on the plastic sort of boat, but I found these work well on wooden kayaks. Anyone considering installing these, I’d recommend the step drill bit as very helpful. If you are still building your boat, you may wish to install these prior to the varnish topcoat.

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RE: Flush Deck Rigging Fittings

Hi Eric, 

it would be great if you could share a picture.  are you talking about the maroske fittings that they are now selling.  if so, totally agree with you.  drilling a clean hole for these is probably the most important challenge and you need something like the step drill to control the process/prevent tear out.  definitely want to do all of this, if possible while the deck is not yet attached to the hull....there is some important epoxy work that is part of this installation that is challenging to do without good access.

just to confirm....are we talking about the same things....here is the flush ones i uesd in a boat i am just finishing up - inside (this is loose fitting them prior to epoxy work on inside):



RE: Flush Deck Rigging Fittings

Interesting... if link(s) available for taking interested builders to a website where these (or similar devices) are offered for sale I'd thank the posters.

RE: Flush Deck Rigging Fittings

here is the link to the maroske fittings:



they are a relatively new addition to the CLC catalog.





RE: Flush Deck Rigging Fittings

   Re Howard's link..

Please note that the picture of the line going through the bow of my microBootlegger Sport in NOT one of those fittings. It's just a hole :-)


RE: Flush Deck Rigging Fittings

Hi Dan, 

looks like CLC just updated the link....i don't see your microbootlegger there anymore

RE: Flush Deck Rigging Fittings

Hi There, 

Yes, you are correct; it is the maroske fittings that I was talking about. I really like the photos that you've posted; your kayak and the work being done looks great. (I'll try again to post photos but for some reason, I've not had any luck so far.) I've been really happy with how the maroske fittings turned out - the deck is clean and uncluttered.



RE: Flush Deck Rigging Fittings




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RE: Flush Deck Rigging Fittings

   maroske fittings.........that is a good price for a 12 pack.  I paid more when they first came out.  


Really cool to see the pour lines from the 3D printer to see how they made them. 

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