Use of CNC machine at home to cut parts from digital plans

I have a question for you about using my Makermade M2 Maslow CNC machine to cut out the boat parts.  This is a 4 foot by 8 foot CNC machine priced for the home hobbyist to do home CNC woodworking.  Some time ago I purchased the CLC paper plans for your tenderly dingy, teardrop camper, and Koholo 14 foot stand up paddle board.  I am interested in buying a set of your available digital plans and I want to know if I can convert them to cut files to use on my CNC machine?  I am interested in testing on a smaller project on my machine first to learn about any pitfalls to avoid and I would like to know if you have a digital plans file you would recommend for this?

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RE: Use of CNC machine at home to cut parts from digital plans


This is the builders' forum so most of the answers come from other builders. The CLC staff does occasionally look in, but not regularly. If you want a quick response from them, use the "CONTACT US" button at the top of the page.

That said, the only digital plans that CLC sells are in PDF format. They do not sell CNC files and, speaking strictly for myself as someone who is not a CLC employee, I don't see that they ever would. Besides the intellectual property protection issues, there'd be hellacious customer support issues, too. All their g-code is tweaked and optimized for their professional-grade CNC machine cutting wood from their suppliers. Home builders with their multitude of machines (some homebuilt) and myriad of wood types would have a pretty small chance of achieving the same precision cuts without lots of handholding to help tweak the g-code. That would turn each boat into a custom design and very few people would pay for that.

Again, that's just how I read the situation, so do contact CLC directly to get the real story. And come back and let us know what the verdict was.

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RE: Use of CNC machine at home to cut parts from digital plans

Leaves me wondering if Lucia's maybe shilling for a commercial venture with that last post?

RE: Use of CNC machine at home to cut parts from digital plans

 If would like to try using your CNC to build a kayak I suggest you have a look at the Shrike (and/or Vember) plans at   They plans are free and both pdfs and dxf files are available.   (CNC in stands tor Nick and Chris Crowhurst).  Almost 500 Shrikes have been built and there is a very active group at

I personally have built three Vembers using their plans.  They are really fantastic boats.  Nick is a super talented boat designer.


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