Northeast Nesting Pram doubler "gap" and motor pad

Hello All,

We're just getting started on a NNP build! And already have questions! Boy, I bet it's a first -- having questions that is :)

What's up with the big gap, space, or cutout next to the sheer strake on the doublers? Does it serve a purpose other than a space that will take up a lot of precious epoxy and filler? Extra strength maybe? Am I missing something? (I'll figure out how to post a picture of the area if what I'm saying doesn't make sense)

And what about the motor pad along with the rudder? We are going to be installing a rudder for the sail kit. the manual's drawing of it shows the top gudgeon being installed on the motor pad. But without an extra bit of wood serve as a spacer under the lower gudgeon the rudder aint going to mount correctly or even work (as far as I can tell). Again, am I missing something?

Thanks for any help,


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Eastport - not northeast!

  That's supposed be Eastport, not Northeast! And along with it, ENP, not NNP! Boy, did I blow it on the boat name and as others before me have discovered -- this forum doesn't allow editting of posts.


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