multiple layers of fiberglass

I'm making a shearwater sectional, and have a question about fiberglassing and epoxying the hull.  The instructions call for one layer of glass over the entire hull, but then an extra layer reinforcing the center strip, and a third layer along the keel at the far bow and stern.

The instructions seem to call for applying all three layers of glass, and then epoxying the whole thing.  But from my wrestling with fiberglassing the cockpit, it seems like I'd be far more likely to have a smooth surface if I applied epoxy to the first layer of fiberglass, then added the next strip, more epoxy, etc.  Is there a reason not to do that?

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RE: multiple layers of fiberglass

   Sorry, not sure why it created a duplicate post.

RE: multiple layers of fiberglass

Hi ELB, 

nothing wrong with your approach.  i typically do it that way as it gives more control and less likely to muck it up.

do try to do the 2nd and subsequent 3rd layers with 24 hours of the prior layer so that you don't have to worry about sanding or more complex preperation.  if you wait longer than 48 hours between layers, they recommend that the prior layer be sanded/abraided as the bond is now going to be mechanical....not chemical.

i don't think it makes and substantial difference (mechanical vs chemical) in terms of strength....but prep sanding the surface is a hassle and additional work.




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