Northeastern Dory Aluminum Dock

Just bought a camp on a lake. I am installing one of those put in, take out aluminum docks. About 24' long and 4' wide. I would like to keep the boat at the dock. I could tie it to the dock with bumpers but I have a feeling that might be rough on the sides of the boat. The other thought is somehow lift it up on rails extending out from the dock or on a pully system.

Any thoughts

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RE: Northeastern Dory Aluminum Dock

Well, there's stuff like this:

Mooring Whips | Boat Dock Whips | West Marine

...if you want to go that way.

If you'd like to get the boat out of the water, maybe a low float moored next to your dock with some indoor/outdoor carpet so you could just slide her onto it?

What sort of boat are we talking about here?


P.S.  I am envious, of course, even though my Passagemaker Dinghy lives on a decked Harbor Freight trailer in a garage (now referred to as "The Boathouse") at our apartment complex, less'n five miles from a decent launch point at a good sized city water reservoir--a pretty handy arrangement which'll be on my Thanksgiving LIst, for sure.  Still, i always thought it'd be nice to have a situation where I could just stroll out the back yard with a lunch box in one hand and a life jacket in the other and quickly shove off and be away before anybody figured out where I'd gone.  <;-)

RE: Northeastern Dory Aluminum Dock

Duh!  Read the subject line, Gramps.  Yeah, a Northeaster Dory would slide up onto a low float nicely.


RE: Northeastern Dory Aluminum Dock

If it is a big lake, you will want to give some thought to what might happen to your dory on a windy day when a strong storm front blows through. I've seen docks and covered boat docks (with all the boats) tossed like toys in the wind. The dory will become a kite much more readily than a hefty bass boat . . . and even they get pitched around at times.   

RE: Northeastern Dory Aluminum Dock

   I have a NE dory and live on a lake with a fixed wood dock whose deck is normally about 24 inches above the lake level. I attached some rubber/vinyl deck edge material along about 4 ft of the dock edge and easily pull my NE dory up on the dock for rigging the mast, maintenance, etc. As long as you pour some water on the fender material the 95lb dory is easy to slide onto the dock, even for this 65 Y.O.

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