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My sectional SW is dropped from saw horses on to the ground.  A corner is bent and damage. It's about a half inch big.  I'm trying to fix it by using thickened epoxy. Please see the pictures.  I know it is not going to be pretty but is it a good fix?  Do I need to patch it with fiberglass?


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RE: Fix a damage

Hi Chi, 

i looked at your pictures.  everybody is a bit different on how they see these things.

if it was me, i would probably put glass over it just becuase of where the damage is and you are building a sectional which i think may subject that area to more stress than a non-sectional.

when i have to do repairs i break it down into what structural issue i may have to address.....and then how do i make it look nice....but they are kind of two different thought exercises.

in a normal shearwaterr, all  the forces that keep the hull from folding are transmitted through the hull/deck plys and their associated skins.   and the forces are uniform and spread out.  in a sectional, everything in the ends comes through the four bolts/the bulkhead and the attachment of the bulkheads back to the since this involves the bulkhead/skin juncture, i just would want to make sure that was strong in a way that glass becomes important vs just cosmetic gap filling.

for cosmetics on this, i would have just gone with clear epoxy to improve the color match.  you build a dam that would have held it in place.  so glass over a clear epoxy gap filling is also an approach you can use.

anyway, that is my thinking,



RE: Fix a damage

That's simple cosmetic damage and you are doing the right thing in fixing it with a dam that you fill with epoxy. My only recommendation would be to use wood-flour epoxy from now on. The wood flour will give you a better color match than the clear epoxy alone. Your repair is probably going to be stronger than the original structure.

Chin up. Move on!  

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