Free Leftover Materials

I just finished a Pocketship build and I have some leftover materials that I would be happy to give away:

1: About 15 pounds of Cell-O-Fill (the kit came with at least 3X more than necessary).

2: A few pounts of wood flour.

3: About two gallons of MAS resin.

4: About 3 quarts of fast hardener (about a year old, but no yellowing yet).

5: A zillion wood scraps, including a full sheet of 3/8" Okume that was used for packing material, and is sort of dirty and dinged up on one side.

The stuff is available to pick up in Princeton, NJ.



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RE: Free Leftover Materials

Hi Doug, 

i would be interested in the resin and hardener if it is available. 

i am not too far the DC area but i do a lot of visiting with friends in NYC so could pick it up on a trip.

you can e-mail me at h  _   spira  at      just take away all the spaces and i can reply to you.



RE: Free Leftover Materials

   That's a very generous offer. If things don't work out with Mr. Spira, I'd be happy to be next in line. I live in Central NJ and get to Princeton quite often and have brother with a truck who works in Princeton doing historical restoration. I can be  reached at psobon59 at

RE: Free Leftover Materials

   It's already taken (much more quickly than I expected).

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