Little AUK 11

I've just set up the forms on a strongback for the Auk 11. Nick's books provide all sorts of good information on setting up the stripping pattern. Does anybody have some suggestions for the layout as it relates to following the sheer line or using a layout that nees cheaters? I've built several canoes and a 16' kayak but for some reason I'm struggling to relate the instructions to this boat. Any recommendations for the first few strips would be recommended. 



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RE: Little AUK 11

My technique is to lay the waterline and sheer strips first.  Then I add strips next to the WL working towards the sheer.


RE: Little AUK 11

Hi Blair, 

i have a slight variation on the approach that mark described.  i start with the sheer line.

the second set of strips i do is my 'horizontal-ish' strip immediately abbutting the bottom of my shear strip.

that second line for me is typically similar to a water line but is not an accurate water line and is more of an artistic determination of the main strip orientation i am looking to build up for viewing the boat on land.

if i am doing a hull with a marked contrast  at the waterline (e.g, dark sides, light bottom), i tend to pull that line closer to the true waterline (because misorientation to the waterline will now be noticed when someone looking at the boat on the water).  if i don't have a pattern that is meant to highlight the waterline (e.g, an all dark or light hull), that 'hortizontal-ish' line tends to have a bit of spring to it and will follow the shear line and just start to deviate at the ends.  the picture below is the placement of the first two strips:

the finsihed result in this case looks something like this:

if i had followed the exact waterline on the example in the lower picture, there would have been several more cheater strips required.   but the fact that there is spring in the horizontal line is not really noticed as a defect and in, fact, i would argue, it just seems to present better.  

so in summary, that second line (the hosizontal-ish one), is really a bit of art and do it the way that you think looks great.


RE: Little AUK 11

  Thanks guys. Your descriptions are easy to follow especially with the contrasting strips. These look like Great Auks. My plan moving forward will be to staple in the sheer strip then hot glue the second strip while playing with the second strip's location. 



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