Rhode Runner is Now Mine!!

Just ordered my (my wife's?!) Rhode Runner.  I've moved from Canyon Lake, TX to Lake Lanier, GA.  Kit due for a January delivery.  This is will be my 4th CLC boat, so I think I've got the basics figured out, but if anyone has built the runabout and has discovered something that they are just certain I need to know, please pass it along.

In the way-back-when as teens in Michigan we'd ski behing our 13.5 ft Boston Whaler/35 hp, and also behind my friend's little Thompson runabout.  Take those two boats, and plenty of gas cans on the pontoon boat and anchor in the calmest corner of the lake we could find, with just as many friends as we could round up. Not planning on using the boat for skiing - as I'm now 45 years older and 50 lbs heavier, but looking to re-create the nostalga of that old Thompson.

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RE: Rhode Runner is Now Mine!!

   I could have purchased something like this ($900!) and fixed it up much more quickly - but where is the fun in that?




RE: Rhode Runner is Now Mine!!

It'a a different kind of fun.

RE: Rhode Runner is Now Mine!!

   Congrats, I really like the look/style of the Rhode Runner, Let us know how it goes!

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