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I'm new to this forum and stitch and glue construction.  I've built a strip built sailing canoe before but I'm new to this process.  I just got the kit, I'm reading the manual and a few questions come to mind.  

I see that the fiberglass tape and cloth are applied while the fillers are not cured but I'm assuming that you wait till the fillets  get slightly firm.  Is that correct?  Otherwise wouldn't the application of the cloth possibly deform the soft fillets?  

There was a short article in CLC's web site that mentioned rounding the edges of the plywood to aid in alignment when wiring the parts together.  Is this done in addition to the bevels that the instructions call for? 

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RE: Just got Shearwater 14 kit

Hi windsurfer 18, 

welcome.  congratulation on starting a shearwater 14.  i have built the 17 and while a bit larger, the construction is pretty much the same.

on your question about fillets and taping...yes, best to wait for the epoxy to firm up a bit prior to taping if you want to keep them neat.    otherwise, its very easy for them to get squished out of position.

if you like being attentive to details, you can also mask off the area around the fillets.  this make for very easy/excellent clean up of the squish-out when you create the fillet.  when it has hardened a bit, pull up the blue tape and then lay you glass strip.  this creates a nice straight fillet line....and your boat will look like a pro.  picture of this technique is below:

blue tape, then fillet, wait a bit then pull up the tape....then glass.

on your second question, i would focus on the bevels and not worry about rounding.  do make sure, prior to beveling that you have triple checked whats the inside vs the outside of the panel so that you bevel the right sides of the piece.

the picture below if my shearwater 17 'rescue'.  

i call it a 'rescue' because i bought all the wood from the original owner who had bevelled the wrong side of one of the panels (basically made two left sides or two right sides depeding on your point of view) and became frustrated and abandoned the project.   it took a bit of work, but i was able to make the error disappear and nobody ever knew.

anyway, i hope this is helpful.


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