Passagemaker Skeg Installation

The centerboard trunk/seat went in great, and I even jumped ahead and cut the slots because I needed to face that challenge. I had never used a router before this project and I'm so glad I went ahead and bought a router!

My next challenge: the skeg has more curve than the boat has rocker.  If I were to move the skeg forward 4-6 inches it would fit better.  Should I do that, or should I shape the skeg more?


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RE: Passagemaker Skeg Installation

Didn't have that trouble with mine.  If memory serves, there are screws into the skeg from the inside of the bottom, right?  You might try dry fitting that to see if maybe it's just that the skinny end has sprung a bit.

Otherwise, yeah, shape away if it ain't too bad a fit, so that it goes where it's supposed to.


RE: Passagemaker Skeg Installation

Thanks Michael. I ended up just sanding the ends of the curve and got it good enough that I should be able to snug it down with the screws.

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