Not so straight JSII mast and sprit

Did best I could on my first mast and sprit cutting but I'm not terribly happy with it. I can look down both of them and can defintely see some waviness. I've been trying to sand it out somewhat and it is better but still not as good as i'd like it. 

So, question... how straight do they have to be and what is a good way to measure that? 

Thanks for any help!




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RE: Not so straight JSII mast and sprit

   My advice. Put them on the boat temporarily and have someone less involved take a look. If that person says they look fine, I think they'll be fine. 

Of course, you won't be entirely happy. But after you start sailing -- and putting the inevitable dings in the boat -- you'll come to see them as endearing idiosyncracies. Old friends that have some wrinkles and kinks, but provide reliable support when needed.

RE: Not so straight JSII mast and sprit

Thanks Birch. Probably sage advice. It'll probably look better when i do the roundovers and clean sand too. 

RE: Not so straight JSII mast and sprit

Hot rags on the kink and some means of applying pressure in the right direction helped us get a kink out of our Passagemaker mast.  This is likely to take multiple applications.  Weights will do for pressure, if you can figure some way to keep the convex side up.


RE: Not so straight JSII mast and sprit

I was able to cover a poor job of shaping the mast by fairing with epoxy and microballoons. You can use this mix to even out the mast and cover imperfections. For two really bad areas where I cut too much wood away I glued thin strips of fir with wood flour, sanded even, and then faired with microballoons. It was quite a bit of extra work, but I was able to get it to look straight. The only drawback if that you end up wiht a camouflaged look, since the areas covered with fairing material will be visible through the varnish.

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