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I recently recieved both a strip and S&G Petrel Play for my wife and me. I just built a couple extra tall saw horses, that I will trim down the legs to a comfortable height once I get the strongback and forms on. I finished up the strongback mounts to the horses and am now looking at assembling the forms on the strongback.


My question is, do you like to build spacers like Nick's videos or use cleats? Secondly, I have read on other threads about page so and so of the instructions. Did your kit come with instructions or just Nick's book and the plans? 


Thanks, Steve

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RE: Petrel Play- strip and S&G

hi steve,

the strip builts basically require the book...i think they do have a couple 81/2 by 11 inch pages of some notes but they don't have directions the way the stitch and glue kits do.   

on the forms, i use blocks and screws and not the spacers that nick uses.   i routinely have re-used my strong backs and blocks for different builds.

pictures of my approach are below:

the wood blocks - which are 4 inches by 2 X 2 (and smaller ones for the ends) are wood screwed into the strongback, and then a bolt and wingnut is used to secure the form to the wood block.  the bolt/wingnut is put through an oversized hole so that the form can be adjusted slightly (e.g., alignment, twist) and then tightened down.   the wood blocks are also put on the side of the form that is the narrower side of the boat relative to the form so that you can tap the form out with a hammer to un-stick it from the strips. (e.g., you tap it to the wider part of the boat).

i am sure there are other approaches, this one for me worked pretty efficiently and inexpensively relative to some other options i looked at and gave me the confidence that i could ensure everything would be strong enough and adjustable enough to get a good result.

i would highlight that you actually spend a fare amount of time in this step on a strip built becuase if your forms are not right, whatever alignment problem you have is now going to be built into the boat.  it is not a self aligning process like the stitch and you really need to check your work in this phase and there are a lot of little issues that come up like the tickness of the forms and the distance between the face of the form that is in contact with and the point of measurement from the plans.

anyway, it is fun and sounds like you are moving along.



RE: Petrel Play- strip and S&G



Thank you so much again! You are a wealth of knowledge. You even answered a question I had that I did not ask, and that was how do you go about getting it apart when the time comes. Your instructions make sense.

It's now on the the next step. I can see this will take quite a bit of time to get everything lined up properly.

Thanks again h.


RE: Petrel Play- strip and S&G


While the book comes with it as instruction Nick has video how to for the petrel strip on youtube. It's very detailed. 

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