tail block on kaholo 14

I'm building a 14 foot paddleboard and can't figure something out.  The tail block doesn't make sense to me.  The deck at the stern is 15 1/2 wide but the tail block at the deck is 14 1/8.  The bottom panel at the stern is 14 1/4 wide but the tail block there is 13 1/2.  Using the plan dimension really pinches the back of the board badly.  Attached are the pictures of the plans.  Am I missing something or are the plans wrong?  Generally in my experience its the former but curious if anyone else sees this.

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RE: tail block on kaholo 14

Hi Kevin, 

the pictures did not attach....  

RE: tail block on kaholo 14

   Sorry, here is the link.  i don't see a way to attach an image.



RE: tail block on kaholo 14

 Hi Kevein,

Hope you have that resolved by now, but here goes. I did have to use the technique in the manual of putting a couple screws in the sheer boards tied a string lookp between the screws and put a stir stick in the midlle of the string and started windin it up. It really pulls in remarkably well. That solved my width problem 

I am going to do a new post on the height of the tail block. Miine is about 3/8" short. I can make some mods not in the manual but want to know what others have done first!

Charlie D 

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