Boat building in Italy

Hi everyone,

I've been a boat builder since 2007 and I've built some CLC projects. Now I have plans to move to Italy and before choosing the region and city I'm looking for information that can help me on the decision.

As a reference for the questions below, the first boat I plan to build is the Passagemaker (I already have the project) and the next one might be the PocketShip. For now my options for a place would be Puglia or near Lago di Garda.

If possible I would like to know more about:
- Is it required some italian license to sail boats like the ones I mentioned ?
- Is it easy to find material for stitch&glue construction?
- If I live in a rented apartment, any suggestions on how to find a place to build and store the boat?

If there are Italians here on the forum, or anyone who knows Italian builders, I would appreciate it if you could put me in touch.

Best regards,
Hugo Lavalle

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RE: Boat building in Italy

Hugo I encourage you to post those questions to the platform! I have no grasp of how much non-US activity there is here but I do know the FyneBoats forum members include several outside the UK.

And that they're closer to Italy you may find answers that otherwise might be slow to appear here! In any event good luck in your search, your move, and your activities going forward!

RE: Boat building in Italy

   Thank you spclark !

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