Outboard for Passage Maker

Can anyone recommend a outboard motor for my Passage Maker. I've been looking at the Mercury 3.5 or 4hp.




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RE: Outboard for Passage Maker

Might be too much motor, or at least more than you'd need.  A Honda 2 would be plenty, and might have better gearing and prop pitch for displacement speeds like this in a boat with this much rocker.  Had one of those for my Sea Pearl 21 for a few seasons; fine little motor..

My son and I modified a saltwater electric trolling motor (shortened the shaft and wired up with heavier gauge wire) for use on our PMD, and it was a great success.  Would drive her at 4+ knots max, and at 2-1/2 all afternoon, off of a group 27 marine battery.  The quiet operation was great for sneaking up on birds.  <;-)


RE: Outboard for Passage Maker

   For what it is worth,  I used a Tohatsu 3.5 hp motor on my Passagemaker.

it does seem that a 2--2 1/2hp motor would be plenty powerful for this boat.

One thing I noticed, though, was my motor is a short shaft, which works fine, but when the motor is used for reverse (no geared reverse, you just rotate the motor 180 degrees), the prop area hits the keel.  If the motor is a 'Long Shaft' model, this would not be an issue. 

RE: Outboard for Passage Maker

Yeah, if you really need to go backward, get something with a proper F-N-R setup.   That whole business of hangin' over the stern tryin' to rotate the motor is trouble waitin' to happen

Never used my Honda 2 that way, though.  If you are used to making "deadstick" landings under sail, doing so with a motor with no reverse seems normal.  Keep the oars handy.


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