Seal Skirts

I just finished my Petrel SG Play.  Took it a slough and it paddle great.  I now want to get a skirt for it. I do plan on open ocean kayaking in Santa Cruz and Monterey Bay area (Calif)  I am debating over Seal Extreme Tour or the Sneak Spray skirt.  I feel very comfortable in my boat and dont think it will flip unless I go out in surf zone.  I want a skirt that I can put the boat on edge and stay dry but dont really plan on rolling very often.  But I do want a skirt that I can roll over in and stay dry if it does happen.  An review on these skirts would be helpfull.

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RE: Seal Skirts

i would go with the Seal Extreme.....which is 100% neoprene except for the tunnel..

while i don't have direct experience with these two particular models, i have had similar skirts and the noeprene ones quickly became my favorite and is the only skirt i work with these days.  my neoprene skirt is a Seal.....and they make great equipment.

my main reason for liking the full neoprene is that it 1) stays tight and is less likely to pool water, 2) they are, in my view, very durable and long lasting 3) , they are really the skirt you want to have when you want to role becuase of how effective they are at keeping the water out and 4) they just look better on the boat and are easier to keep clean and i think they also did not seem to get smelly.

easily worth the extra ~$50 bucks based on how long they last compared to nylon... if you take reasonable care of it.


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