Southwester Dory sailing rig for my Angus Sailing Rowcrusier?

Turns out I'm building a boat that needs a sailing rig. Please forgive me... but, but, I'ts not a CLC boat! I'm building a Angus Sailing Rowcruiser. And it looks like the sailing rig of the Southwester Dory might work. Anyone here having built the Southwester Dory? I'm looking to drive to go look at one in the flesh. I feel it's the only way to evaluate the issue with absolute certainty. This spring after purchasing a trailer and loading up the boat, if necessary I'll make a nice road trip out of it and head to CLC headquarters. Google maps from my home in Buffalo, New York has it at 7 hours. However if anyone has a Southwester Dory closer to Buffalo, NY and would be willing to have have me drop by for a proper measuring up, boat side by side and all that, well I'd be buying lunch. Cheers, JCG





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RE: Southwester Dory sailing rig for my Angus Sailing Rowcrusier?

   The Angus looks awesome and a sail cruiser I would love. The sail plan seems to fit the NE or SW Dory. 

With any build of mismatch I think you would find some inefficiencies.

If you wanted to, I might look at the skerrry lug rig that I have.

You can measure the center of effort and recenter the mast. The single lug would be easier to calculate and calibrate to the specific craft.

That said, there are many books on calculating the sail plan. I wouldn't take anything stock unless it was designed for the craft. Good luck and let me know how it goes, I am sure that others will have better guidance than me!

RE: Southwester Dory sailing rig for my Angus Sailing Rowcrusier?


Don't just drive to CLC HQ, come join us at CLC's Big Little Boat Festival 2022 with your boat. It's May 27th - 29th just a few miles south of CLC. Hang out for a couple of days with fellow boat nuts, maybe even sail an SWD and, if you contact CLC and ask in advance, you may even be able to put the SWD sail into your Angus for a test on the water. At the very least, you should be able to corner one of the CLC designers and get their opinion based on looking at your boat as to whether it's a good idea or not.

And there's nothing to forgive, especially since you're considering buying your sail rig from CLC. As a point of fact, non-CLC boats have been welcome at all of CLC's boat events and have even taken home awards. So come on down and have fun,


RE: Southwester Dory sailing rig for my Angus Sailing Rowcrusier?

  Thanks dmiddad and Laszlo both. The build is coming along nicely and I will certainly now consider attending the Big Little Boat Festival. Sounds like the perfect oportunity to find  guidance. 

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