Skerry Tiller rigging

The manual offers two methods of rigging the tiller extension to the yoke, one employs simple bungee cord wrapping and the other uses nuts and bolts.  I'm curious as to the preferred method, given we'll be using our Skerry in generally calm waters.  Thanks,   Bob H.

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RE: Skerry Tiller rigging

I used the bungee method -- which works great. You can easily adjust the amount of tension on the connection so it has the right balance between firm connection and range of motion. (I haven't tried the nut/bolt for a direct comparison, though, so I can't offer testimony about which is "better"). I also find it advantageous to be able to quickly untie the tiller from the yoke (without tools and without the likelihood of dropping/losing small parts) to better facilitate transporting the rudder-- with the tiller attached, I find it to be a somewhat awkwardly shaped object.....  

Julie K.





RE: Skerry Tiller rigging

Thanks for your reply Julie, I'm thinking the bungee method is better too though I hadn't even considered the ease of taking it down while rigged that way vs. the nuts and bolts method.  You're right, that could be a pain in the neck and would require a few more tools to carry that aren't needed.  Think I'll go the bungee route.  Thanks again!  best,   bob h

RE: Skerry Tiller rigging

Hi Bob

On my Skerry I use a nylon bolt and wing nut. the bolt has quite alot of bend to it. I've put some flip-flop material between the pieces and that acts as a spring. Its fast to put together and is a bit more responsive than the bungee material. I sail in sometimes quite strong conditions and like to have a stiffer rudder connection.

It comes from the bathroom hardware department of a big box hardware store.


RE: Skerry Tiller rigging

Thanks Christine for your comments too.  I'm glad I received one for each method.  Your idea of using a nylon bolt and wing nut is an improvement over the steel bolt and I like that a lot.  It almost convinced me to go that route, but I think I still favor the bungee because of the ease in rigging and taking down and the flexibility.  I also think it's the more traditional method if I remember the manual correctly.  I understand the bungee method has to be watched more carefully under sail for fear of it becoming unwrapped.  I think I'll just add another cord wrap around the clove hitch at the end just to secure it a bit more.  Or figure out some sort of a tie down for the tiller handle so if it comes loose I won't lose it.  Thanks again folks. best,  bob h

RE: Skerry Tiller rigging

Bob H

!/4" braided line works fine.

Herb T 

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