Bevelling the Edges on Wood Duck 12

I've already joined my pieces and have begun bevelling the edges (largely with a plane, but the ends take to a rasp a bit easier).

I'm suddenly consumed with paranoia I've bevelled the wrong way, and I just want to verify things are ok.  Perhaps because I'm a lefty I sometimes find I do things a backwards, and the text isn't very wordy about this step.

I've laid the panels fiberglass tape side up and held the plane 45 degrees inward toward the board, thus the tape side height of the panel is narrowed by the bevel, and the outside height of the panel is unchanged.  Ends take more of a 33 degree ish, but again, all inward.

To do otherwise would actually require you to hold the plane on the underside, so I don't see how I could be wrong, but again, just checking.   All is well?


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RE: Bevelling the Edges on Wood Duck 12


You're fine, at least as far as the planing direction goes. The correctness of the degree of bevel will announce itself when you start stitching it.

For more reassurance, see pictures 42, 43 & 44 of the construction gallery on the WD12 main page.

Have fun,



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