Anyone do what i am doing with hatches?



I have made flush hatches for my WR180.  I didnt go the route of the straps as I felt my idea was more secure and didnt have the loose ends of straps dangling around.  I have 4 bolts 1/4" thick protruding from the flush inset flange the cover sits on. These for bolts, facing upward go through the four matched holes in the hatch cover. I throw on 4 water tight washers and four acorn nuts and whamo - a very tight secure hatch.

It means I need to carry a tiny wrench with me, but its hardly obtrusive and goes in my gear bag with a little tether, along with binos, radio, gps - you get the picture. 

 The ultra clean-look  deck fittings of it all make it appealing too.


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RE: Anyone do what i am doing with hatches?

Hi Pete, I'd love to see a few photos showing the details and overall look of this setup. I'm looking for a 100% waterproof hatch seal, able to resist water getting into hatches on the outrigger and hull of an outrigger canoe that will get driven hard under sail, sometimes even through surf. I want something that is straightfoward to self-build and use - your setup sounds pretty good to me.

   regards, Dave 

RE: Anyone do what i am doing with hatches?

Let me get you some pix tomorrow.  The straps are faster to secure the hatch, but the little acorn nuts a few washers dont take any time at all.  The fact is, I have a deck bag up front .  It has my immediate things that will come up often like camera, insect repellant, coppertone, food etc.  Behind me, if I'm going to a place Ill know will have some decent collectables like cool shels and such I will attach a rear deck bag and basically stuff&paddle as I go.
The rear hatch [havent thrown  a hatch upfront it'd kill me to break up the smooth deck lines] is basically for set up and take down that goes beyond simple shell collecting.  Fish [bagged], fishing pole, tent, foldable chair, foldable coffee table -  you know.  For all the set up and take down of that, four acorn nuts is nothing.
Oh - dont go with wingnuts or hex nuts.  Trouble is if ever you have to shimmy up the rear of your kayak you'll tear your drysuit on the sharp edges.  Acorn nuts provide the smooth round profile you want. 

RE: Anyone do what i am doing with hatches?

That's the best part of building your own boat you get to make it the way you want!

Just keep a spare nut and washer in with the wrench for the one that gets away.

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