Pax 18 pinhole leak

The rear bulkhead has small amounts of water inside after paddling and is not from the hatch.  I filled the rear bulkhead with water and found a pinhole leak at the stern just above the static water line.  I believe it is the remains of a  copper metal stitch that did not get removed when I built the boat.

Do you think if I drill out the pinhole and plug with thickened epoxy with wood flour it would secure the leak?  I cannot access the hole from the inside.


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RE: Pax 18 pinhole leak

that will work.  easy peasy :)

but before you put thickened epoxy in, paint the hole with unthickened epoxy (dip a toothpick into the epoxy and liberally paint the hole edge with with a drop or two of epoxy) to ensure all the wood is wet out, then push the thickened epoxy into it to seal it up.


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