Get the Duck out Week

Should get wet this weekend.I wish it looked this good close up.Silver wire with veneer painted black.Nickel wire.  One at bow and stern.Kind of a goofy job.  Made it one afternoon after realizing I won't get my real hatch done.

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RE: Get the Duck out Week

It looks good from here!  I especially like the fly-fisherman art.  Nice work!

RE: Get the Duck out Week

The text did not show up with each image.  The fly fisherman is silver wire with black veneer, painted black.  I find nickel wire is just as good and a tad cheaper.  

The inlay at the bow is also at the stern.  Made of nickel wire.  I like the way it has turned out.  Easy to do. 

The hatch cover is something I threw together one afternoon. It is a temp cover while my good one is being worked on.   My first time I played with the Inlace material.  I think it may be good stuff.  I originally got it to make white feathers for a bald eagle. 

Thanks for the compliment.  It is actually one of those that looks great till you get close.  I probably will have time for one last coat of varnish today.  But, it has gotten enough to be protected and no matter how it looks it is ready to paddle.  Only problem is I have to remember where I put the darn seat bottom.  Looks like I have to make a run to the kayak store. 


RE: Get the Duck out Week

I love it - a fishing kayak flying the jolly roger. You don't think that's going to get the game warden a little suspicious? Or is that what the wire inlay is for, to distract him? :-) I think it's really interesting the way that no 2 Wood Ducks posted here have looked the same.

Congratulations, Mr. Kim. Well done.



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