Just purchased the Cocktail kit, I have access to a yamaha 8 hp two stroke, not entirely true to the history of these boats but availability of engines in Newzealand is what it is. Does anyone have experience with using these on this boat or know someone who does please. Seems to tick all boxes spec wise just like a real story on it. Cheers in advance. Paul

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RE: Engine

Hi Paul,

Not many Cocktail Class Racers (CCRs) over here running Yamahas.  But that's okay, your CCR will work just fine with that engine.  Take special care installing the transom knee:  you'll need a strong joint to the transom if the Yamaha is a strong runner.  Enjoy your build.  Let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

RE: Engine

   Thanks ootdb Much appreciated, have built their camper so hopefully have picked up enough to do the kit justice, nice to know it'll get up and plane with the yamaha, cheers. I may have a load of silly questions coming during the build, hope that's OK.

RE: Engine

   If we understand your question, we'll try to provide a useful answer.  If we don't understand your question, worst case is you won't understand our answer.  :)  Have a nice day.

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