MASCF Boat registration

Anyone have info on registering a boat for mascf. Last year I saw it online somewhere but don't see it now. I've called cbmm no return call. I'll try again and post if any of you are interested. 
Thanks PP

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RE: MASCF Boat registration

You're just early. Normally they don't post the registration link until closer to the festival. Just keep checking back at MASCF and eventually a link for exhibitors will appear on that page.

One thing that will be different from last year is that the inner camping area closest to the Steamboat Building is gone. It is now a construction site for whatever new building is going up. All camping is now in the woods off the entrance road, so if camping bring lots of bug spray.



RE: MASCF Boat registration

   Thanks Laszlo 

FYI exactly right that's what I was told and the girl running it is new and a bit behind

?? Is the exhibit area secure so boats are left out overnight? I assume so.

Thanks PP


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