Kaholo 14 finished

Hi All –

Started this project in April. Finished about a month ago, and finally launched last weekend. I built this board for one of my co-workers and thought I’d share the end results.  It’s my 3rd CLC build (two others were Annapolis Tandem Wherry and Oxford II shell). I’m overall pleased with the outcome.

A few details to share:

  1. Built-in  a recessed “box carrying handle/slot”, which can also hold a water bottle or something else that doesn’t mind getting wet.
  2. Built in two recessed anchor points at bow and stern for either carrying toggles, ankle leash, or tow/tie-up painter.
  3. Installed the under-deck bungee system so that there’d be no hardware on the deck.
  4. Located some Seadek padding in a color that was more in keeping with the natural finish of this particular build (Mocha).
  5. Installed the inspection port/ditty bag.
  6. Veneered a rising sun motif on the transom. My first veneer attempt. Kinda botched it. But...still looks nice from afar. 
  7. Made a couple of rope grommets and whittled a pair of wooden carrying toggles.
  8. Made a wooden paddle from extra cedar strips and an old 2x4 I had lying around.
  9. The strip deck and veneer theme is meant to represent the sun rising over a lake...as the sun rises, the strips progress from light to dark...or something like that anyway. 😉

My friend Lucie took the board out for her maiden paddle in northern Minnesota last weekend. Great success! She loves it. I tried it out 3 or 4 times. Very stable and tracks like it’s on rails.

'twasn't cheap, but 'twas a very gratifying project. 😊

Here's the link to photos. 


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RE: Kaholo 14 finished


That's a really nice looking Kaholo!  The sunrise design is very creative and nicely done, and the "extras" all look great.  Congrats!


Shearwater 17 in progress, about to start exterior fiberglass

RE: Kaholo 14 finished

   I almost forgot to say "nice job" on the build itself before getting on to the reason I'm posting.

I always appreciate a little bit of good marlinspike seamanship.  What caught my eye was the line you used, at first I thought it looked like the synthetic hemp "look-alike" stuff I used to keep my NE Dory semi-traditional looking.  I used all brass harware & etc. on it too.  I noticed the eye splice.  Then I noticed the whipped ends on the lines.  Good job on that.  So did you do the whipped ends because the line actually is natural fiber, or did you actually go out of the way and whip ends on the look-alike stuff that could have simply been heat fused?  I have whipped synthetic 3-strand line before on lines that really take some abuse, where heat fusing might have crackec/broken apart - but rarely.  If you did take the time to whip some synthetic stuff for this use, I pay my respects, and will have to re-think my effort at going traditional on my dory, realizing I could have taken things up a notch and did some whipping.  (But I did make some fenders out of hemp line for the boat, so there is that... some interesting configuarations for braiding fenders available on You-Tube)

RE: Kaholo 14 finished

   Hi Bubble. I used New England Ropes 1/4" synthetic 3-strand that I had left over from my Welsford Navigator build a few years back. It can be heat fused and I did do that, but I also just like the look and the enjoyment of doing a bit of marlinspike work. It just looks more finished to my eye.

For this project I unraveled a couple of lengths and made some "seamless" rope grommets for the wooden toggle handles. And then I just gave her a 20' length of line to use as a painter should she ever need or want to tie up somewhere. 

I too made some rope fenders out of 1/2" stuff for my sailboat.  I love those and have served me well. I'd post some pictures but I'm challenged by this particular graphical interface. 


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