Kick Up rudder stuck

Hi everyone, 

I just finished putting together a kickup rudder fo the NE dory. The instruction that came with it a very minimalist but having done the whole boat a year before I think I new what to do. But after putting everything together the rudder blade barelly moves in any direction, trying to use the rope to pull down is a no go. I'm not sure what I did wrong but here's the discription of how I did it. 

I started with the head, used epoxy and cellophil mix to put together one side of the head and the middle part, clamped, cleaned the spills the best I could and applied epoxy in the whole thing since it would be submerged, also applied epoxy in the other side too. 

Sanded everything smooth before glueig the other side of the head, clamped, cleaned the internal spills with a stick and a rag. After the epoxy cured I noticed a few drops inside that I sended down using a sandpaper glued to a piece of wood that fit the gap. 

Shaped the blade foil and tried to fit into the rudder head. It would come up easily so I sanded the thing a bit more and epoxied it. Sanded smooth. 

Still a little hard to fit in but I don't think sanding the whole thing thinner is a smart idea. 

Any idea? 

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