Time-lapse of Sectional Shearwater Sport Build

This winter I finished my first build of a Sectional Shearwater Sport. However, it wasn't until recently that I found some time to edit all the footage from a GoPro that I always had clamped near my build area. I finally pulled-together the following time-lapse of the project and thought I'd share it here:


I wanted to create the kind of time-lapse that the version of me before the build would have liked -- something that shows the complete arc of the project but also makes it very clear what's happening step-by-step. A previous thread in this forum about time-lapse work was also informative.

I really enjoyed the build, and while I understand this kit to be pretty novice, it was just the right amount of challenging for me. Thanks to all who provided pointers along the way, including spclark, hspira, Laszlo, Bubblehead, ELB, Mummichog, greg27, Mark N., and Terry Otis at CLC. You all helped me get unstuck many times and taught me a lot!

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RE: Time-lapse of Sectional Shearwater Sport Build

   Nicely done. Great looking boat and video. 

RE: Time-lapse of Sectional Shearwater Sport Build

Great video. And I wouldn't consider this a novice kit! Very well done.

George K   

RE: Time-lapse of Sectional Shearwater Sport Build

   Makes me tired just watching it! . . .  And I built my own Shearwater Sport Sectional about five years ago.

If you are new to boat building, please realize that the activity is not so frenetic in performance. It all takes place slowly and gradually, based on a great set of instructions. It's more meditative than anything else. . . until you get to the final stage where you cut it apart with a handsaw!

But the YouTube video is quite nice and will help others as they work their way through what is a very delightful set of minor challenges.

RE: Time-lapse of Sectional Shearwater Sport Build

Thanks all.

George K, maybe "novice" isn't the best word for the kit, but I consider myself to be a very "novice" woodworker and was happy to still be able to pull this one off. It was a good option for a first time builder.

Birch2, I agree. The video certainly does nothing to capture the mood of the building process itself, but I find those slow, gradual, meditative processes also tend to make the best time-lapse source material. 

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