Old epoxy still good?

I am about done with epoxy work but looks like once again I'm short. I have some that is probably 4-5 years old. Hardener has turned an amber color. Mostly what I have left to do is the bottom where I'm mixing it with graphite and some touch ups on the inside  where a slight color won't be a problem.  I mixed some up and put it on a test piece. As long as it hardens should it be fine or does it be replaced?

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RE: Old epoxy still good?

   I also had resin/hardener that was about five years old. The hardener had discolored and the resin had slugded up from the cold but a really hot soak solved the sludge problem. After a test of the components I used it on a Jimmy Skiff II I'm finishing in places where it wouidn't show with no issues. Actually the discoloring wasn't really noticeable when mixed with the resin because you use twice as much resin.

RE: Old epoxy still good?

This is a duplicate of another thread here.

BBCL I'm not sure you're correct in your stating epoxies are solvent-based. There's a wide body of information available suggesting the presence of solvents in epoxy is virtually nill; curing of resin + hardener, or subjecting properly formulated resins to heat for a thorough cure results in virtually no change in weight as would be expected if a solvent were to be liberated.

I'd be interested in seeing a link to where I might learn more on how solvents play any significant role in epoxy formulations or usage recommendations if you can post one.

Meantime there's this Wikipedia entry for folks who want to learn more.

Using solvents to thin epoxy for use is generally not recommended.

RE: Old epoxy still good?


That's a spam post. I've reported it to the moderator and it'll be gone soon leaving everyone puzzled as to what you were responding to. In the meanwhile ignore everything it says. It's only there as clickbait.


RE: Old epoxy still good?

Agree. Did same as you after posting what I felt needed saying.

Puzzled is good, can lead to knowledge gained if strong enough.

Inadvertently clicking on a baited link can be hazardous to one's health.

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