Fiberglass top edge?

 Soon to inside strip canoe. Should I roll fiberglass over the top edge? What should I do if I need to reduce strip to be flush with rail? Would leaving inner wood exposed cause problems. Larch was used for strips.

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RE: Fiberglass top edge?

Which canoe? In general, wood should be protected from water, but exactly how depends on the particular part of the particular boat.

Rolling the glass over the top has to take into account the minimum bend radius of the glass. If you roll the glass too tightly it will pull away and form bubbles. So if the bend is too tight for the weight of glass that you're  using it might be better not to roll it over and just seal the area with epoxy.

Alternatively, you could use lighter glass (in multiple layers if strength is an issue) or cover the edge with a wooden cap rail. There's all sorts of things you can do, but it depends on the boat, hence the need to know what you're building.

Finally, a razor sharp block plane or sander will let you even up the strips to the rail. The block plane is quieter and makes less of a mess.

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RE: Fiberglass top edge?

   Thanks for your comment, will seal the edge with epoxy for protection.

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