Passagemaker lug rig mast thickness

I built a Passagemsker from a kit and opted for the sloop rig. I think I want to switch to the lug rig to make it easier to swap from sail to row.  I think I'll make the sail from the Sailrite kit (anyone done that?). I'll make the spars myself. The manual has a drawing that shows the mast diameter as 1 3/4" but the text says 2". Then the mast step drawing has the hole set to 2 1/4" square. That tends to make me think the mast should be 2" square, but can someone with a full plan set check please?

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RE: Passagemaker lug rig mast thickness

Went by the "boathouse" (other folks in the apartment complex use 'em to keep their cars...don't have boats, I guess <;-) today and measured my lug rigged passagemaker's mast.  It is definitely 2" x 2", as I thought.

I wish you good luck with your conversion, and all joy of your lug rig afterward.  We chose the lug rig for ours for much the same reasons, and every time I take her out I'm glad we did.  She's a splendid little rowboat (I like to row) and has proved to be a better sailboat than I'd hoped.  Properly set and trimmed, I don't think the lug rig gives up as much as most folks think.


RE: Passagemaker lug rig mast thickness

   Thanks Michael, the sloop rig is nice, but it is a bit of a pain to put up and take down. I also seemed to often foul the job sheets on the mast cleats. The main also has no reef points. Never sailed a lug rig so I'm looking forward to learning it. Also looking forward to doing more rowing. 



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