Kayak vs. Canoe Construction

I am considering on building a Sassafras 16' canoe. I have built the Wood Duck 12 by CLC and it was a challenge for this rookie boat builder, but it turned out beautiful and is a joy paddling. I want to know if building a canoe is more difficult than building a kayak....anybody with experience in both builds?


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RE: Kayak vs. Canoe Construction

Hi freefighter, 

i see that nobody has responded to this...and maybe that's becuase of the particular combination of boats you have mentioned.

that said, i know folks who have built both and i have built the kayak side of you question and stich and glue canoe-like hull.  CLC is pretty accurate in their rating of 'easy to build' and the sassafras rates as one of the easiest.  See the clock like rating in the product description:

. https://www.clcboats.com/shop/boats/canoes/sassafras-12-double-paddle-pack-canoe-kit.html

  ther rating confirms what i would guess based on my experience and having spoked to folks who have built it.

so if you have a wood duck under your belt, this should be a snap.


RE: Kayak vs. Canoe Construction

   Okay, thank you for your reply. I just received the manual for a Sassafras 16 and it looks doable. I wish they had a building video though.


RE: Kayak vs. Canoe Construction

as i mentioned, i have built the similar hulls - annapolis wherrry- which is larger but very similar.

here are some pretty good videos i found (some of these are part of a larger series .....so there are more that takes you through the entire build of both a sassafras 16 and 14....which is almost identical from a buld perspective.  there are also some videos of the sassafras 12 which is also very similar...just a bit smaller...






RE: Kayak vs. Canoe Construction

   Thank you for steering me to these videos! Very helpful. I'm sure I'll have more questions once I start construction. 

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