Anyone install Creature Comfort seat?

I'm at the point of installing the hip braces on my wife's Shearwater Sport.  She doesn't like the seat that comes with the kit.  Thinking about the Creature Comfort seat.  If someone has the seat, do you like it?  Any problem installing?  Not sure how the cleat installs.  Does it require screws through the boat?  Looks like it's too far forward to use the hip brace.  Any advice much appreciated.

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RE: Anyone install Creature Comfort seat?

The Creature Comfort seat is my standard. I bought 2, one for me and one for my wife, 19 years ago and we have used the same seats in 4 different boats. I still use mine every time I go out paddling in my current boats (WD12 and WR18). So the first thing to note is the durability. I've been able to amortize the cost over nearly 2 decades so my original $90 per seat works out to less than $5 per seat per year.

My first install was in a pirogue. I set up 3 seating stations - one in the middle for solo trips and one at each end for dual paddling. Velcro, padeyes and swivel snaps made it easy to change seats in a metter of seconds. I didn't use the supplied cleats.

A cam buckle in the loop between the snap swivel and seat back line allows seat back position adjustment.

For my kayaks I replaced the padeyes with a loop of nylon strap screwed into the bottom of the coaming riser stack. The wood is very thick, over an inch, and already shaped for strength, stiffness and distributing the load evenly over the deck, a much better alternative than drilling through the hull. This installation is having its 15th birthday in a couple of months, so it's quite durable.

Wood Duck 12 installation. Same as the pirogue, but with straps instead of padeyes.

I used exactly the same method for my WR18. The spray skirt fits just fine over the protruding seat back.

I can't guarantee how it'll play with hip braces in a Shearwater Sport, but since the SS is the result of a wild date between the WD and Shearwater series, I'd say that there's an excellent chance that there'll be room for hip braces. Wait until the rest of the boat is finished and she's had a chance to paddle it. She masy not need or want the braces. But at any rate you can use the exact same installation method as for the WD12.

Have fun,




RE: Anyone install Creature Comfort seat?

Laszlo - Thanks so much for all that info.  Great idea to use the coaming stack to hold the screws.


RE: Anyone install Creature Comfort seat?

I tried to search the forum, found lots of threads about seats, but got tired of looking for my previous post on the subject of seat comfort.   

I have a Shearwater Sport, that turned into my wife's boat and I'm now in a Chess 17.  The SS boat has the Creature Comfort seat that I put in on initial build.  I've regretted giving that seat away (or not repeating it in my other kayaks) every since.  Apart from all other good features, that mesh covering does add a little bit of "anti-stick" ventillation in hot weather.  So, the seat now keeps my wife happy.

On the Chess 17 I first installed the standard/stock kit installation of both butt pad and backband.  I've since swapped out the butt pad for a Hot Seat Grande.

Of all 3 seats I prefer the Creature Comfort (expense be damned).

Exactly as Laszlo says, I installed the attachment points for the Creature Comfort under the coaming stack.  Place the seat just far enough forward that you do have room for some "lean back" without hitting the back coaming or else you'll end up with a hard bar running across the middle of your back - but the seat is mobile and easy to correct the positioning.

Durability has been excellent, seat is still like new after 7 years or however long it has been.

No problems with using a spray skirt with the CC seat.

I left off the SS hip braces and don't miss them a bit, but I think they could be in their specified location and still fit the CC pad, and if not you can always trim the pad a little bit, or, with seat in hand make the fit up in advance move the braces a bit outboard.  I (or my wife) don't do any fancy carved turns or fast water or wave surfing, so just appreciate the extra wiggle/sweatshirt/watterbottle room that no braces provided.  I think there are no issues with boat strength.

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