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Any thoughts about how much to sand inside a Wood Duck? I just finished filleting and fiberglassing the inside and am debating how much time to spend sanding. I suppose it would be best to make the visible cockpit area as smooth and finished as possible, but what about behind the builkhead, where no one will see it? It's a bit rough to the touch, particularly the edges of the fiberglass tape. I actually did some exploratory sanding there and am left wondering if I now will need to add more epoxy where the sanding left traces of frayed fiberglass. What's the typical practice?

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RE: Sanding inside

The first criterion for internal finish it sealing against water. The second is safety. Anything that could scratch, cut or abrade the paddler or gear should be smoothed away. After that, it's a matter of who are you trying to impress.

Since my big toe doesn't care about the view, all I did was safety sanding on my WD12. I didn't even bother to fill the weave on the inside except where I sit. I did hit all the tape edges with a scraper and a smoothing coat of epoxy, even in the hatch since I didn't want anything catching, scratching or getting punctured, me included. That includes hands and fingers reaching for stuff in the back.

Other folks will smooth everything everywhere. I respect that but I'd rather be paddling than sanding.




RE: Sanding inside

   Laszlo: Your recommendation makes perfect sense. Thanks for the guidance.

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