frame gluing problem on the Northeaster Dory Scaled Model

Hi Everyone,

   I'm new here.

I just started work on the Northeaster Dory scale model and I'm stuck at the stage where we should glue the frames to the bottom of the hull. It does not work for me as the wood that make the bottom of the hull is curved so there's not enough contact surface for the CA glue to work.

    When I try to hold them together and bend the wood into place so the frame full surface is contacting the hull's bottom while the glue cure, it just pops out as soon as I let go, even if I hold it in place for 10-15 minutes.

Any of you have recommendation on how to overcome this ?

Some Ideas I was thinking of trying:

- try another glue with clamps (wood glue, epoxy ?),
- remove the first row of stitched hull panels and glue the frames first with weights or clamps to hold in place,
- replace the bottom of the hull with a new piece of the same shape that's flat.

Suggestions welcome!

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