Ratcheted back support?

Has anyone installed a ratcheted seat back?  Bases on my plastic and whitewater kayaks the straps should be anchored near or on the coaming in front of the cheek plates.  I really like the ability to tighten up the back support once I'm in the seat and surprised I haven't seen this in the wooden boats.  I'm planning ahead for the outfitting of my Guillemot S.


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RE: Ratcheted back support?

   I installed  Creature Comfort seats in my Mill Creek 16.5 and provided for front seat anchor points for the back strap. 

Works well.

RE: Ratcheted back support?

   Hey Ron, I think it possible sea kayakers, probably especially home builders haven’t seen ratchet systems before or more folks would be using it. That said, if one is looking strictly for easy recreation it wouldn’t be required. If you plan athletic outings and flirting with the surf zone you’d be glad to have it. When you want to relax just ease off on the ratchets. I say, great idea and go for it! Think I have a set from a kayak to C1 conversion stuck away somewhere and it's going in my sea kayak as soon as I finish the previously scheduled projects. 



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